University of Washington - College of Medicine, BSL-3 Laboratory, Seattle, Washington

ProfileThe University of Washington has opened a state-of-the-art biocontainment facility encompassing a full floor of the newest research building at the UW School of Medicine South Lake Union Campus.  The new BSL-3 / ABSL-3 facility is designed to allow for in vitro and in vivo research with a variety of pathogenic agents, including research with agents falling under Select Agent rules. The facility includes numerous independent laboratory rooms, holding and procedure rooms for studies with mice and other small mammals, and several support rooms, including staging areas for animals, shared equipment, and flow cytometry.  BSL-3 / ABSL-3 enhancements include personal showers, access control & security devices, door interlocks, camera monitoring, multiple pass-through steam sterilizers, HEPA filtration of supply and exhaust air, room isolation dampers assuring directional air flow, provisions for vapor decontamination, and HEPA-filtered plumbing vents

Services: DataCom Design Group was selected to provide Information Technology consulting for this project.