Waco Veterans Administration Health Center, HRC Pharmacy Customer Call Center, Waco, Texas

Profile: The Waco Veterans Affairs Hospital will be the site of a National Pharmacy Contact Center. The project includes the renovation to convert the existing space to house the HRC Pharmacy Customer Call Center. The Center will provide information and answers to questions about medications from individual veterans and one-third of the VA's pharmacies. Call Center representatives will answer questions from veterans about their prescriptions, and work with VA facilities so that VA practitioners can address critical issues promptly and safely.


Services: Our consultants provided the technology design for the 50,000 SF combined construction and renovations to be accomplished in three phases. DataCom Design Group's effort involved Information Technology consultation and design for all spaces within the Call Center which will have a redundant security system in case of a national disaster.


Type: Renovation    Size: 50,000 SF    Cost: $1.6 Million